Change the name servers

This is the recommended, and simplest way to send your site live at  If you have special email hosting needs, you may wish to change the DNS records instead.
If you prefer these changes be made for you, email

To send your site live, try the following:
  • Login to the company where your domain was purchased.
  • Look for a section like "My domains" or "Manage domains"
  • Select your domain to manage
  • Look for an option like "Name servers," "Custom name servers," or "Manage DNS"
The existing settings may look something like so:


Remove these settings, even if there are more than two, and replace them with:


Once these settings are updated, the site should be live within 24 - 72 hours.

Email associated with your domain

If you have an email address associated with an existing domain, you can set this up as a forwarding addressOr if you are using a third-party email hosting service, email to ensure this continues to function normally before sending your site live.