Bibliography types

Bibliography entries are organized by type.  Your first bibliography page comes with the following types:
  • Articles and reviews
  • Books and catalogues
  • Links

As well, you can create new biblography types.

Edit bibliography types

To edit bibliography types, go to the bibliography page and click Bibliography types

New bibliogrpahy types
Click Add type... to create a new bibliography type.

Edit existing bibliography types
Click on an underlined existing bibliography type, and begin typing to edit.

Reorder bibliography types
Drag the up and down arrows to reorder the bibliography items.  This determines the order in which they are displayed on your site.
  • All bibliography entries must be assigned a type to display on your site.
  • All bibliography pages share the same bibliography types and order.
  • If a bibliography type is deleted, then all entries with that type will not display until they are assigned a new bibliography type.