About tracking artwork

Artwork tracking let's you see things like: who is dealing with your work?  Which locations have multiple artworks?  Which sales are in progress or closed?  And, which peices are in which collections?

You can find the artwork tracking options in the admin section > More options > Inventory manager.

Creating associations

Tracking artwork begins by creating associations.  You can associate artwork to one of the following association types:
  • Collection
  • Exhibition
  • Location
  • Sale
  • Contact

Start associating
The easiest way to begin associating artwork is by starring rows within image galleries, or search results.  Once at least one artwork has been starred, click Associate... to add or remove an association.

Imagine there are several artworks in different image galleries we want to associate to an exhibition.  This can be done like so:

Go to each image gallery and click on the row toggle icon.

Star the rows you want to add to the exhibition.

Click Associate... in any image gallery.

In the pop-up, select an existing exhibition or add a new one, and Save.

More on associations...
As well, you can associate certain association types to each other.  For example, instead of just associating a group of artworks to a collection and a contact, you can only associate them to a collection, and then associate that collection to a contact.  More on this here.