Parents and children

A parent page could be called Archive, and the child pages may be called something like Painting, Drawing and Installation.

This may appear as a drop down like so:

It may appear as an accordion like so:

Links to the child pages can appear as a grid of images like so:


New blank page

To create a parent-chilld structure like this, we'll first create the parent page like so:
  • Click New...
  • Check Blank page
  • Save

Let's name this Archive.

Add child pages

Once we have created this page, you can add child pages by clicking on Add child pages... and dragging the pages you want from the left side to the right side.

Child pages can also by drug into place directly on the left side navigation.

While a Blank page is the recommended a parent page type, any page can become a parent page if child pages are drug indented below it.  If you find a parent-child relationship you don't want, simply drag the child pages back onto the main navigation, like so: