Carousel layout

The Carousel layout displays a large image with a strip of smaller images like so:

Options can be set like so:

Carousel orientation
The vertical or horizontal orientation of the carousel strip of images

Horizontal/vertical carousel placement
Placement of the carousel strip in relationship to the main image

Main image size

Fits the main image to the available space. (Recommended)

Full screen
Fits the main image to the available space, but may touch the browser window edge

The size of the main image as a percentage of the available space

Carousel grid images across
When the carousel is vertical, it provides the option to display more than a single column of images.

Description position
Image description in relationship to the main image

Description max width
Maximum paragraph width of the image description text.  Auto is recommended.

Carousel images size
The size of the images in in the carousel strip

Prev/next buttons
Position of the paging buttons in relationship to the main image.  Select No buttons to only display the carousel strip for navigation.

Advance images with
Buttons, or Timer... with set number of seconds

Zoom lens on hover
Display a zoom lens when hovering over an image.