Bibliography layout

The format of the bibliography entries and their representative images can be changed in the the bibliography page's Layout section.  Here, click on a layout icon to change the layout settings below.

The layout of the bibliography page can be either a Single column or a Split column.

Single column layout

This displays all bibliography entries in a single column, either left-aligned or center-aligned.

Split column layout

This displays all bibliography entries with the representative images on the left and the bibliography enty on the right side.

Layout options

Both the Single column and Split column layouts provide the following layout options:

Representative image size
This is the size of the associated image.  For example, if the article was published on a particular website, this may be that website's icon.  So, in most cases, this will be a smaller size image.

Display supplemental images
The After clicking representative image choice will only display associated text, large images, and PDF files after clicking on the representative image.  The On page setting will display links to these supplemental files below the bibliography entry.

Bibliography type font size
This is the font size of the bibliography type (ie. Articles and Reviews or Catalogs).  This will be: H1, H2, or Normal.  Change the setting for each in the Site settings > Template > Template builder > Look and feel tab.

Bibliography type horizontal separator
This separator may appear below the bibliography type heading.  You can style the color, thickness, width and alignment.