NOTE: This is an advanced feature for users who store artwork information in a spreadsheet progam like Excel.  It provides an easy way to upload large amounts of artwork data without manual entry.

Artwork information, such as the title, medium, year, and custom fields, can be imported from a CSV (comma-separated values) file created with a program like Excel or Google Sheets.

When you open a CSV file, it may look something like so:
Title,Price,Year,Medium,For sale
Example title one,8000,2020,Oil on board,true
Example title two,9500,2019,Oil on linen,false

Importing your CSV

In the image gallery editing window, click on the grid view icon.

Then, click Import..., check Import data from a CSV file option and click Next. Here, you will see the following choices:

Was your CSV file previously exported from your site?
Check Yes if your CSV was exported from the same image gallery.

Does your CSV file include a column with image file names?
Check Yes if you CSV includes a column for file names like so:

Title,Price,Year,Medium,For sale,Image file name
Example title one,8000,2020,Oil on board,true,1001.jpg
Example title two,9500,2019,Oil on linen,false

NOTE: When an image is uploaded, it will attempt to attach itself to an imported artwork record with a matching image file name.

Does your CSV file have more columns than your site has image fields?
If you CSV file has special columns that does match existing image fields, check Yes.  You can add custom image fields if you wish.

Once you have completed the above questions, paste in your CSV data, and click Check data.

Then set the fields for each column.

And, click Import data.  After import you should see the new entries created in the gallery.