Turn on selling

To begin selling, go to any image gallery's Image fields section, and turn on the Price and For sale option like so:

You can then edit the Price and other selling related fields, like so:

Enter the price in your preferred currency.  If you wish to change the preferred currency for your site please email help@compendiummedia.com.

For sale
When For sale is checked and a price is entered, a BUY button will appear. 

Weight in preferred units
This can be used to calculate shipping costs.

Limited quantity
This can be used to prevent overselling of items.  If an item sells out, the BUY button will no longer display.

Visitors to your site will see a BUY button that appears like so:


Receive your payement

Money is sent to your PayPal account via the email address entered in the Site settings > Site content > Your email.  If this is not the email address associated with your PayPal account, you can add it as an additional email address in your PayPal account.

If you do not wish to receive money via PayPal, you can also process payments via Square (square.com).
NOTE: You may also wish to ensure that your buyers are set-up to checkout via the shopping cart option.  This is the recommend method of providing items for sale.