Image fields

You can associate a title, medium, year and dimension with each image, like so:

Within the admin section of your site, click on an image in a gallery to edit the fields, like so:

Select which fields you want by clicking on the Image fields section. 

Field visibility

Each field's visibility may be set as: Off, Admin panel only, Private, or Public.

Image fields set to Private will only be visible when a private user logs into your site.

Field location

Each field's location setting can be: On all images, On Smaller images, On bigger images.

The Smaller images are images displayed with others on the same page.  For example, the Standard, Grid, Stacked and Justified layout all display Smaller images, but click through to Bigger images.  The Cycle and Carousel layout initially display Bigger images, but can fallback to a page of Smaller images.

Custom image fields

You can also create custom image fields that are searchable in the inventory manager.  This can be done like so:

Go to Image fields > Add field...

Set the Field name and Field type, and click Add.