New features by date

Below is an ongoing log of newly added features:

Block major AI bots
May 24, 2024
To turn this feature on, go to the admin section > Site settings > Template > Advanced > Site preferences > Block known AI site crawlers, check this.  This will block certain known AI crawlers such as Open AI's GPT bot, Google Bard and others.

Home page images, and blog images, can link internally
May 15, 2024
Link a single home page image, a grid of home page images, or a slideshow of home page images, with each image linking to a respective internal page.  Blog page images can be linked in the same way.  For example, if you have a show announcement on your blog, and have an image gallery with relevant images, it's now easy to link from that blog directly to that gallery.

Shopping cart varieties can be duplicated by copying and pasting
April 13, 2024
Add a drop down of varieties (example: Small, Medium, Large) to many products  by copying and pasting CSV text.  This prevents having to enter new variety data (title, price, weight...) one variety at a time for many products.

Shopping cart inventory tracking for product varieties
April 13, 2024
Prevent overselling by attaching an "available quantity" amount to each product variety.  For example, you can set the amount available for the small, medium and large varieties of a single product.

Terms of Service Pop-up
March 14th, 2024
Display a "Terms of Service" link directly in your website's footer.

Mailing List Sign-up in Footer
March 14st, 2024
Display a "Join Mailing List" link directly in your website's footer.

MailChimp integration
March 1st, 2024
Save new mailing list sign-ups directly to your MailChimp account.

Blog commenting via Disqus
October 19th, 2023
Turn on Disqus-enable commenting for your blog.

Credit card payment processing via Square
September 23, 2021
Accept credit card payments directly only your site by linking your account.

Shopping cart upgrade
March 15, 2021
A new fully customizable on-site shopping cart allows greater control over your artwork sales.  It includes features for adding tax, shipping, promotions, tracking orders and more.

QR code page
November 19, 2020
Share your site with a QR code on your mobile device by going to

Pre-built template selector
May 1, 2020
New template choices allow artists to quickly change the site-wide font styles, color choices and spacing.

Import artwork data from spreadsheet
March 4, 2020
Artist who manage their artwork data in a program like Excel, or even separate database software, can now import this directly.  This can save time, and prevent having to re-enter data manually.  It also allows directly associating images to the imported records.

Auto-remove unique sold items from inventory
January 3, 2020
Items marked as unique can be automatically removed when sold.  This can prevent double sales.

Inventory manager, document exporting
December 20, 2019
A new suite of artwork tracking and productivity features allows you to keep tabs on where your artwork is shown, stored and sold.  For example, you can track collections, exhibitions, locations, sales, and contacts.  You can also use your artwork to create documents such as consignment sheets, catalogs, inventory lists, invoices, wall labels and spreadsheets.