Inventory tracking

Associate artworks to collections, exhibitions, locations, sales and contacts.  

Why should I use this?
  • See which collectors and galleries are associated with certain artworks.
  • Track artworks across physical locations.
  • Track the sale of an artwork from initial interest to final payment.
  • Track artworks on loan or consignment.
  • Filter works based on exhibitions, contacts, and more.
  • Create documents with your artwork.

To begin within an image gallery, click on the grid view icon

Star the works that you want to associate to a collection, exhibition, sale, location or contact.

Click Associate…, and in the pop-up select the types of associations you want to make.

Once you’ve associated your artwork to the various collections, locations, contacts and more, you can look across these associations in the More options > Inventory manager section.

Associating single artworks
When in the grid view, click on a single artwork image, and on the right side of the pop-up window you can associate collections, exhibitions, locations, sales and contacts.