What's new?


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Icompendium v10 (version 10) was release late 2018 and has been updated yearly since then.  Some improvements and new features are:
  • Live-preview site editing
  • More image gallery options
  • Built-in blogging
  • Improved image sizing
  • Collection management
  • A shopping cart connected to your inventory
  • A faster, more responsive site
  • Improved support for high resolution and full-screen content

Request an import of your existing Icompendium website to v10, or simply start from a blank site by emailing help@compendiummedia.com and stating your preference.
Below is a more detailed list of new v10 features.

Live-preview editing for easier updates
  • See edits in real-time
  • Preview the site using different screen sizes
Point and click template builder
  • Build your basic site template in six clicks
More flexible, responsive image galleries
  • Easier to control image sizes, and resizing across monitor dimensions
  • Fine tune the relationship of your images to each other, and their surrounding space
  • Draggable, full-screen image zooming
Improved bibliography section
  • Attach a zoomable image (ie. a magazine article scan) PDFs, and other downloadable content per-bibliography entry
  • Bibliography entries are searchable by text content and attachable tags
  • Create custom bibliography categories
Customizable mobile experience
  • Adjust the mobile navigation icon, text size, color, alignment and fly-out menu behavior
  • Adjust the presentation of images on a mobile device
Combine various content types on one page
  • For example, multiple image galleries, text sections, a full screen video, and a contact form can be on the same page.
Unlimited blog pages, and live-preview blog editor
  • Create blog posts with full-screen images and video
On-site shopping cart
  • Inventory integration prevents overselling
  • Accept credit cards directly
  • Create rules for tax, shipping and discounts
  • Highly customizable checkout experience
Fine grain site-wide look and feel controls
  • Control over the active, hover and normal state of all text links
  • Set custom break points for the mobile version of your site
  • Per-page background design, font sizes and colors
Other new features...
  • Save and share your Icompendium look and feel settings with other Icompendium customers.
  • Direct video uploading
  • Images, pages, blog posts, and bibiography items can be trashed instead of deleted.  This may lower the chance of accidental deletes.
  • Enable preloading of site pages so that browsing between pages can be much faster
  • Site-wide inventory searching by tag or keyword
  • Custom database fields
  • Image details in the lightbox view