Tax and shipping via

Beginning March 15th, 2021, it is recommended that shipping and tax be added directly through your Icompendium shopping cart within the admin section > More options (upper right corner) > Commerce > Tax and shipping section.

The information below describes how to add shipping and tax via, which is also supported.

If there are special tax and shipping rules that you cannot add directly through the Icompendium shopping cart, your site also integrates with  When using, the checkout process works like so:

A visitor clicks the Buy button, like the one below.

They, see a non-branded page where they enter their physical address, and go to checkout.

On the following page, shipping and taxes are added based on rules you have created within  

And the purchase is finalized with PayPal, or perhaps another processor depending on your set-up.

Turn on checkout

Once you have signed-up at, activate this option on your site like so:

Go to admin section > More options (upper right) > Commerce > Preferences > Checkout via, and set this to, click to buy.  Then enter your username and server name.

NOTE: Items sold via checkout must have the Title field populated in the image gallery.