Preparing videos

Uploaded videos should be less than 300 MB in size.  This should allow for a high quality 10 - 15 minute video. 

Videos shot on a mobile device (such as an iPhone) that are longer than one or two minutes will likely need to be compressed before upload.

On Apple OS X videos can be exported from Apple Photos (using File > Export...) with a size setting of 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K.  Of these, 480p is the best to try first.  The larger settings will produce higher quality videos that are much larger in size, and may not download fast enough to play smoothly.
  • If your video export software allows you to specificy a target bitrate, try to keep this less than 2 MB/per second.  Higher bitrates mean larger file size, and in some cases, higher quality video.
  • If you can't adjust the bitrate, try adjust the video dimensions to reduce the file size of the video.