Use the Site settings > Template > Template builder > Navigation tab to set the navigation position, orientation, scroll behavior and more.


Navigation options

Click on the Advanced link below the first set of navigation position icons to set the following:

Left align pages
This will left-align all text pages on the site.  If unchecked, text pages will be center-aligned.

When a vertical navigation option is selected, the following options will also be available:

Navigation width
Width of the vertical list of links.  If you have long navigation links and don't want them to wrap, you can set this wider.

Navigation padding
Space surrounding the navigation links.

Sub navigation

Depending on the sub navigation selected, you may see the following advanced options:

Parent links go to menu pages
If this is unchecked, the parent link (for example: a link called Archive may be a parent with children Painting, Drawing and Installation) does not go to the menu page when clicked, but instead only toggles out the children.

Flyout left border color
A vertical flyout menu may display a border on the left of the child page names.

Sub navigation, menu page

A menu page displays a list of child pages.  You can refine the layout in the Layout section of individual parent pages.