Standard layout, horizontal

The image gallery Standard layout, set to horizontal scroll, will display images in a single horizontal scrolling row like so:

Set the Standard layout to horizontal using the Scroll direction drop down at the top.

When set Scroll direction is set to Horizontal, the layout options should appear like so:

Scroll pane height
The height reserved for both the image and description below.

Image sizing method

Fixed height
All images on the row are the same height.

Fixed level
Always display a specific image image size level.  This can be useful if you wish to display, for example, a row of cropped images, that each link to a full size image.

Description position
When set to On image the image description will display on mouse-over.  This option allows for a larger image.

Description height
The amount of height reserved for the image description.  If the image description is taller than this, a vertical scrollbar will appear.

Zoom lens on hover
Display a zoom lens when hovering over an image.

Set font style
If description text is displayed, it can be styled here.