Add a bibliography entry

Go to the Bibliograhy page and click Add new..., and this will open the bibliography entry editing window.

Bibliography entry

Bibliography text (required)
This should be a short description of the referenced text or media.  Typically this includes the author, date, media title and media portion (such as page numbers) if applicable.

Bibliography type (required)
The type that best describes the entry

Published date
The published date associated with your bibliography entry.

Supplemental information

You can attach images, PDFs, links, files and text to provide more information on your bibliography entry.  This supplemental information will be linked from the Representative image.

Representative image (required for supplemental information)
You may associate small images with your bibliography entry.  Choose Upload... to add your own image.  Or, you choose Select... to use one of the built-in images. 

Detail images
These images may be full page scans, for example, of written media.

Page of text
This may be the full text of the bibliography entry.

Supplemental files
These may be PDF files, for example, associated with your bibliography entry.

External link
This may be a link to the referenced media online.

These tags allow your bibliography items to be internally searchable by you in the More options > Inventory search > Tag seach tab.
It's important that you have the right to reproduce material created by third parties.