Set the mobile styles in the Site settings > Template > Template builder > Mobile tab.

When the Reformat for mobile devices option is checked (recommended) your site will automatically reformat for mobile devices. 

Mobile header

These styles include the Site name and navigation icon.


Mobile navigation panel

The mobile navigation panel may look like so when clicked:

Or, it can appear like so:


Mobile image galleries

Optimize galleries for mobile
This reformats image galleries to display better on mobile devices.  When checked, the settings below are used.

Mobile gallery layout
This layout is a version of the Standard layout.

Standard column (recommended)
This displays a grid using the Max images across setting, but only on tablets.

Standard, grid
This forces a grid using the Max images across setting.

Max images across
This is the number of images across on tablets.  And, if the Mobile gallery layout is set to Standard, grid, it's number of images across on phones as well.

Link images to

Nothing (recommended)
This allows pinch zooming, and also displays image description below .

This displays the image and description information, but is not optimized for pinch zooming.

Zooming lightbox
This displays a pinch-zoomable and swipeable image.

Link images to
It is recommended to keep this set to Nothing since the images on your mobile device should be pinch zoomable.

Advanced options

Break points
These are the pixels widths of the browser window at which the navigation and image galleries reformat for mobile devices.  If you uncheck this (recommended) these will be set automatically.

Social badges position
Where the social media icons appear when on a mobile device

At the bottom of your site

At the bottom of the flyout navigation