Template library

This feature allows you to load pre-made site templates.  You can save your current site settings as a template for yourself and others.

Create a template

Click Create template... to create a template based on your site's current look and feel.


The Templates section is a list of templates that you can load.  If you have not created any templates you will only see the Icompendium templates.

Preview a template
You can preview any template before deciding on it like so:
  • Click Dock left at the bottom
  • Check the template you want
  • Click the Load template button

Revert template
If you don't want to keep the template, you can click Revert template, or simply close the editing window without saving.

Icompendium templates
These are pre-loaded templates that use the look and feel settings that originally came with your site. 

Your templates
These are templates you have saved.  They can be downloaded and shared with other icompendium users.

Import template

If a friend has an icompendium site, and has emailed you a template, for example, you can import it using the Import button.