"Inquire About" pop-up

Display an "Inquire About" link below images in a gallery like so:

Clicking the link opens a pop-up like so:

Activate the "Inquire About" pop-up

Go to the admin section > image gallery (any one) > edit icon > Image fields > Inquire about, and set-up the options there.

"Inquire About" options

The following options are configurable in the admin section > Site settings > Template > Advanced > Gallery preferences section:

"Inquire About" text   
Displayed immediately below the image.  The visitor clicks on this to trigger the pop-up.

"Inquire About" pop-up orientation 
Can be vertical or horizontal.  The horizontal pop-up fills more of the screen space and requires less scrolling.  

"Inquire About" pop-up heading, display 
In the vertical pop-up, you can switch this "Inquire About" heading on or off.  This text can be styled using the Heading 2 style in the admin section > Site settings > Template > Template builder > Look and feel tab > Text > Heading 2 section.
"Inquire About" pop-up heading text    
Text at the top of the vertical "Inquire About" pop-up

"Inquire About" form fields
Edit the form fields a visitor must complete.

Submitted messages

Submitted messages go to the email address entered into the admin section > Site settings > Site content > Your email section. 

You can find a log of submitted messages in the admin section > More options > Form submissions > Contact form.