Create promotions in the admin section > More options (upper right) > Commerce > Promotions tab.

Multiple promotions

You can create many promotions at once.  This could be useful in the following cases:
  • You can offer a different level of discount depending on each gallery.  In this case, you would create a new promotion for each gallery.
  • You could offer $100 off orders over $2000, and at the same time offer a discount code that is always 20% off.  In this case, you would create a promotion for the $100 off, and another promotion for the 20% off discount code.
If two promotions can apply to a single order, the promotion with the greatest discount will be applied and the other promotion will be ignored.

Promotion options

Below are some of the promotion options.

Apply to
Focus your discount by setting it to Whole site or Single gallery

Available for
Set this to Visitors with coupon code... or set it to All visitors.

Free shipping
This will remove any per-item shippping cost.  For example, if your shipping is $80 calculated like so:

$30 (calculated by weight per item, or fixed cost per item)
$50 (your base order rate)

In the above example, if Free shipping is checked, the new shipping cost would be $50.  While this may not seem intuitive, it allows you to set free shipping for only certain items on your site, while still charging shipping for other items on the same order.

Applies to orders over
When a value is entered the promotion will only be applied when the order goes over this value.

Expires on
All promotions must have an expiration date.  Expired promotions will remain visible in the admin section with a red x next to them.