Cart customization

Customize your shopping cart in the admin section > More options (upper right) > Commerce > Advanced tab.

Notes to buyer
Display special information for the purchaser on the checkout page.  This could look like so:

Orders ship within 5 days of placement.  If you have not received your order within two weeks, please contact

Notes to seller
Allow the purchaser to provide special instructions to you (the seller) on the checkout page.  For example, maybe a purchaser would request that the package not include an invoice because it is a gift.

Terms and conditions
Add your terms and conditions text and require agreement, if you wish.

Checkout form style
The checkout form style determines the appearance of the checkout form sections such as the email address section, shipping zone section, street address section, terms of service section and so on.  The options are as follows:

Wizard (recommended)
This option forces the buyer to complete any prior section before proceeding to the next.  For example, maybe you wish to require agreement to the terms of service before requiring a shipping address.

Long form
This presents the entire checkout form at once. 

Collect buyer address via
This determines where your buyer's email and shipping address is collected.  The options are as follows:

Payment processor
With this option, the buyer is not prompted for their address within your shopping cart.  However, you will receive the address from PayPal upon receipt of payment.

Shopping cart
With this option, the buyer is prompted for their address prior to payment.  This can be a helpful way to see contact information associated with incomplete orders.

Look and feel
When this option is checked, you can set the cart appearance and icon style.

Shopping cart text
Replace all text used throughout the shopping cart with your own, including a custom "Thank you for your order!" message that will be displayed on the payment confirmation page.