Version 10 FAQs

What is icompendium version 10?
Version 10 brings more design choices, improved image resolution, better display across different devices and improved admin tools.

Can I preview and edit my version 10 site before deciding to use it?
Yes.  Your version 10 site comes with a temporary URL that allows this.

Will trying out version 10 interrupt my existing website?

What happens to my old icompendium website?
Your have the option to switch between the old and new site anytime.  Both sites will remain editable at temporary URLs.

Is the content on my old icompendium site connected? 
The content from your old icompendium site can be imported into the new v10 system.  But, edits do not flow between different versions.

If I don't like it, can I switch back?

Will I eventually be forced to switch to icompendium v10?

Is there an additional cost?

Will I have to relearn how everything works?
Not really.  If you are comfortable making updates to your existing icompendium site, then you should feel right at home with icompendium v10.  While there are some new options, basic editing such as making pages, uploading images, and changing the look and feel should all seem familiar.

Is there anything that was included in the older version of icompendium but not in icompendium v10?
Yes, but these are expected to be added back over time:
  • Multiple language translations
  • RSS feeds

How can I get started?
Icompendium v10 is available now for some customers.  If you don't see this option available in > Login > Edit, email to have it added.

Why should I choose icompendium v10?
Icompendium v10 provides highly-configurable image gallery designs within a simplified website design.  You upload your images, bibliography and written content, and icompendium makes them easy to navigate for site visitors and yourself.

How does icompendium v10 work as a database tool?
You can use search your artwork by standard fields such as price and medium, but also add custom fields such as 'collection' or 'location'.  And, you can add searchable tags to any artwork, bibliography entry or blog post.