Create catalogs, consignment sheets, invoices, inventory lists, wall labels, and more from artwork in your gallery.

Quick catalog

To generate a catalog in one step, click on the Catalog link in the image gallery editing window. 

This will download a Word document (.docx) file with an artwork on each page, similar to the image below.

NOTE: If your image gallery is very large, this could take several minutes.

Customized exporting

Create different documents (ie. invoices, consignment sheets) with specific artworks, like so:

In the image gallery editing window, click on the grid view icon.

Star the rows that you want to export.  (Or don’t star any rows to export all artworks)

Click Export… and set the document type, and preferences in the pop-up box.

Click Save

Exporting to a spreadsheet

An Excel-compatible spreadsheet (CSV, or comma-separated values document) can be created from any image gallery.  This can be done by completing the steps above, and clicking on the Spreadsheet tab.