Content blocks

Content blocks are a way to combine different content on one page. For example, you can display a full screen video or image, paragraphs of text, a Google Map, and a contact form all on the same page.

The content block editor is a part of text pages, and blog pages.  It looks like so:

It works like so:
  • 'x' icon: delete the content block
  • '+' icon: add a content block below
  • Up/down arrow icons: drag to reorder content blocks
  • Image icon: upload images
  • Video icon: upload video
  • Embed icon: paste embed code
  • Horizontal rule icon: add horizontal rule
  • Elipsis icon: options to add the following:
    • Google map
    • Mailing list form
    • Contact form
    • Social media badges
    • Email address
    • File