Add video

Video can be added to any image gallery page, a video page, or any page that uses a text editor, such as a text page, blog page or a contact page.

Add video tool

The add video tool is a part of many pages, and allows you the following options:
  • Paste video embed code or link... to upload a or video
  • or, click upload or browse to use a native video

Video in an image gallery

Video can be added in an image gallery like so:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > Image gallery (in which you want video) > Advanced > Video, check this
  • Click Upload images and upload an image to represent the video
  • Click on the image to see the add video tool

Video content block

Video can be added as a content block on a text page, blog page, or contact page like so:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > page in which you want to add video
  • Look for the small plus icon to create a new content block
  • Look for the embed option, and this should display the add video tool

Video page

The video page is designed to display several videos together down the page.  Add video here like so:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > Video page (or click New... to create one)
  • Click Add video to create a new video section that displays the add video tool